Android spy apps 101

We recommend using a dedicated phone number as the Monitor number, and just leaving it on for whenever you need to use it for either Intercepting calls or listening to the surroundings with a SpyCall. Then select Manage Watch List. Just click to put a checkmark beside all Watch List options to be notified of all connecting calls. You can see these options in the screenshot below. Remember to click Sync Now to send the change to the Target phone and save the settings. So keep that in mind.

It is not an Internet Call. This means you need to mute your own mic from the monitoring side to ensure no sound is heard on the Target end. During an Intercept Call, you are a direct participant on the line with both the Target user and the second party.

But remember, it is a stealth call and the other party will definitely hear you if you lose it and start cursing! There are only a few requirements for Intercept Call to work:.

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Android spy apps 101

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