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Whenever we talk to our children, it is a good idea to get their opinion. This helps to build trust and keep the lines of communication open. Listen to their concerns and experiences. Listen to their opinion without judgement, but explain that for their own safety and wellbeing this has to be a condition of them owning a phone. Once they discover that you have been spying on them without their knowledge, they will not be inclined to share other aspects of their online lives with you and will find new ways of hiding information.

As with all parent-child communications, your willingness to be honest and share information with your child will inevitably lead to them being more honest with you. Talking to children about what they are doing on their phones and other devices can be hard, but these open and honest conversations will pay off in the long run.

Talking to your child about text messaging and text monitoring will inevitably make it easier to talk about other online behavior too. Although they might find it irritating at first, your child will ultimately know that you care. By KidGuard Publishing. Sadly, not monitoring opens the door for the cyberbully to harass, or worse, the predator to groom your child. Spying on your child? Thought that would catch your attention. Actually don't spy on them. Let's start a healthy conversation between you and your child. Track inappropriate content 2. Prevent online predator 3. Reduce distraction 4.

Improve sleep deprivation [ The software is very easy to operate and affordable as well. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Its main task is to keep the parents updated with all the required information within a time. There are lots of benefits of using parental control app. The main selling point of this software is its safety and relevancy. Keeping all these facts in mind, Spymaster Pro is designed in a very friendly manner. It offers double security at both ends. You never need to worry for your kids, once you obtain this software.

It is regarded as most friendly and the safest child monitoring software by the parents. Toggle navigation. Snapchat Instagram Whatsapp Facebook. I always make sure that he knows what I'm doing, because I know that he worries. But learning that he's also tracking my phone has broken some trust and connection between us. I put in a lot of work to get him to trust me on outings, and yet he still feels the need to track me every move.

Especially now, he's finally given me more freedom to move around and drive, and I thank him for that. But getting a text during class from him asking why I'm not at school the GPS on the tracker glitched really broke a level of trust for me. There was another instance when I slept over at a friend's house, and 7am he's knocking st the door because the GPS had said that I was in another city.

I feel like he doesnt trust me, even though I've worked so hard to build trust by never breaking any of his rules and especially not breaking any laws, and yet he still insists on tracking my phone. I've also had my dad lie to me about needing to look up something on my phone because his was dead. I did give him my phone because I had nothing to worry about, but instead of looking up what he said he was going to search, he read through all of my text messages, and yelled at me for using the occasional swear word.

I am 17 years old. He has sworn in front of me before. Am I not allowed to use a dealer word for emphasis in a text message? I know that for delinquent kids or suspicious is a cause for searching and tracking devices, but for a child who has done everything within the rules set, it's not necessary. I feel I need to monitor my teens text messages on a flip phone. Depending on you kids age and his daily attitude and actions, is there any reason you do?

Top 10 Parental Monitoring Apps to Spy on Your Kids' Smartphones

Or do you just not trust him I know parents you do this for whatever reason. I do not see any alternatives to parental control apps. Not all teens understand the possible dangers online. I personally do not want to find out that my daughter went on date with an unknown person after this date. Especially when there's no reason to be so intrusive in their business, BUT, I've been seriously considering using a spy software on my younger sisters phone ONLY because she has been making some extremely poor decisions this past year and it's come to a point that we as a family can't trust her.

We've tried putting a curfew on the wifi, taking her phone away, and we try to engage with her, bring her out, let her spend time with her friends, and talk to her openly about how she feels. She is very spoiled and she betrays and manipulates our love to her own benefits.

She's told me in her words, "I should just get things". Shes done absolutely nothing this summer but lay on the couch on her phone. My dad bought her the newest iPhone just because she wanted to show off. Her mom not my mom left and my dad works 80hrs a week. We don't have the time to monitor her every minute were awake. I know she's seen some of those really messed up stuff on the internet. I mean truly messed up, where you can watch videos of people being tortured to death and probably raped and what not. That type of content is openly viewable to anyone with a phone and internet.

So to answer the question, YES, I believe it's important to monitor your kids devices until the future finds a way to limit what can be accessed in the world wide web. I feel like it's important to monitor your child's cell phone use, but not so consistently that they develop good skills at hiding things from you. My parents are helicopter parents, and they just randomly take my phone and iPad away every week and keep them for days on end, completely disregarding my need for school stuff on both my phone and iPad. My parents even said they trust me and let me do whatever I want, but even we both know that's a lie.

They say they're just doing this for my safety, but its just so restricting that I have no choice but to rebel in order for them to see me as an actual person instead of their inferior kid or however they treat me. Just like with social media. They don't want me to have it because they think it'll make me depressed and suicidal.

Keep in mind I'm almost 16 and can handle this stuff maturely, but they still treat me like I'm 6. I just want the helicopter parenting to just stop, as this is what makes me have such bad anxiety about everything. I just can't do anything myself. I wish I was with another family who actually treats me like a 16 year old. I sure hope my kids don't turn out like I did. I may not be a parent so some parent may think that my opinion is irrelevant here but to me a parent like that displays such strict behavior is just overprotective and controlling. I also think it comes off has not being understanding.

He's 15 hun. That's all he'll ever do. I have 9 brothers, and me being the only girl, I've seen them do things and watch things I wish I hadn't. You can try to talk to him, but I wouldn't. He'll either deny it or simply say he won't, but will. He's a teen, and he's growing in more ways than one.. I grew up in a different time where we had to write notes and call a friends home to communicate. When you are a thirty something mom one day you will be facing your own challenges and look back and it will all make sense, I promise.

The world we are in today is so new, us parents are having to navigate through something nobody else has. We are essentially guniea pigs and our children are at stake. You are all so precious and deserve to be protected. Just focus on school and do something great with your life. Find authentic friends that can talk to you in person.

You will stand out in a world full of followers. To summarize: your parents love you, you will be old one day and understand and be awesome despite your challenges. Adults and parents basically decide how they want you to live, how you dress, if you can wear makeup, what you eat, where you go and what you do. Phones are the only one of the only thing teens can have freedom and some control over so taking away that basically stripes them of any right to freedom which is why teens rebel. Might has well read their diary has well.

Modern v/s Traditional Parental Monitoring

Doing so also gives parents a bad look and enforced the overprotective parent stereotype and the difference between parents and their kids. My parents have made me download a tracking app to see where I am. Hey Pixl. First, thanks for your thoughts.

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It can be hard to reach out and be honest about your feelings. Second, take your desire to reach out and be honest to your parents. As a parent, my biggest frustration is lack of communication, and I realize I may be contributing to that by getting angry at times. Be positive and honest. So my mom like legit monitors my phone and she has a app which links to my phone where she can block apps and turn off my phone after 3 hours of usage, which is dumb.

She also goes through my text messages and my photos and my call and search history. And I am a very curious person, and I get in trouble for looking up "inappropriate things" which I just want to know what it means because I got curious a few days ago and my friend sent me a message and it said "blowjob" and I thought it meant like a hair spa day kinda thing, so I got curious and googled it and my mom saw what I searched it up and she lost it and I just got my phone back.

And I'm 14 and my mom want to sheild me from social media! All of my friends have Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, ect. But I'm the only one in my friend group that doesn't have social media! And I'm going into my freshman year of high school and I want to fit in! And my mom found out I'm pansexual because she read my texts, and she told me this "your too young to talk and know about that stuff" and I'm like "Mom, I'm 14 I'm fine knowing stuff like this" she grounded me for saying that. I legit have a helicopter mother I want my freedom back when freshman year starts after summer of but I doubt it I want to kill myself because my mother gives me anxiety, because if I get curious, she yells at me.

If I have social media, she will ground me and delete it. And a lot of other stuff As a teen, I think that parents should only look through our phones if they have a reason to suspect that something bad is happening. And by that I mean that someone is being bullied or could get hurt, or inappropriate pics are being sent, not just that they think we have a boyfriend or whatever.

If you're a relatively well-behaved kid and your parents look through your phone anyway, it shows that they don't trust you. When parents give their kid a phone, it shows that they trust their kid enough to give them said phone. My parents have access to my phone, but they don't check often, and they give me notice before they do.

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And that's fine with me. The main reasons I don't want my parents to randomly check my phone is that my friends and I talk about private stuff all the time on there. It's not inappropriate, mostly about crushes and friend drama. I know people may say that if it's so private, we shouldn't text about it. But kids never have any in-person privacy. When talking about secrets, texting is the best way. So if my parents read my texts, they're seeing all my friends' secrets.

Monitor Child’s Text Messages with Spyzie

And I know they'd hate that. Anyway, I feel like kids, especially older kids, should have privacy on their phones. Parents, ask for your teen's input on phone restrictions and rules. It will make things so much easier. My parents constantly look through my phone and texts. Like almost every app has been used by them at least once and their justification is that they bought the phone so they can use it however they want. Honestly what their doing is just distancing myself away from them.

My mom invaded my privacy on Discord. Honesty the number of parents on here justifying the abuse of privacy makes me sick to my stomach. I am a firm believer that everyone above the age of 12 should be able to explore freely. They should be allowed to make mistakes. If you truly love them, let them mess up. Yes the world is sometimes messed up, but your kids will need to learn how to handle themselves in this medium without you interfering; the sooner the better so they're not still learning how to surf the web safety by the time they go off to college, or even in high school.

Giving them the agency and autonomy they need will help them feel less suffocated and trust you as you have proven you can trust them and treat them like people. Not children who have no privacy. That will ultimately damage their trust in you and others for the rest of their lives. I do not condone kids who bully others online, but that doesn't mean the solution is taking away the most useful tool in the world, or watching their every move. That will make matters worse. Talk to them, teach them. Ask them what's up and be attentive.

And if that doesn't work maybe get a therapist or something. But taking away a phone, or watching everything your child does on their devices, in this day and age that might as well be taking away their free speech. Phones have become a necessity, and children are a lot more mature than they used to be. Sex is also something natural. I searched it a lot around the age of fourteen and if I may say so myself, I turned out fine. Sex is natural, and lets face it, by the time you get to high school, you'll hear more curse words and innuendos than you ever wanted to hear.

If you are really that concerned, tell your kid about your concerns, how you are always there to talk about anything they need to. Trust them to trust you and come to you if they have questions. Breathing down their neck is NOT the answer. Here is a query for the adults out there, imagine you are the age you are now. But that your boss, who just so happens to be your best friend maybe an older sibling came up to you one day and told you they would have to monitor everything you do on your phone and laptop, inside and outside of work to make sure you are not making any mistakes and are still someone they want to keep working for them.

And they have every right to go up to you and question you about the things you are doing because they are the ones in charge. They can take away things you are allowed to say, do, search.

That is partially how your children feel. Resentment and mistrust and fear. You may be thinking, "you got it all wrong! They are not my age they are just kids! It is like you are demoting them into something you can control. Into less than people. They can understand these complex concepts. You are just not giving them the chance to feel like they have freedom, you are not letting them grow up. Teenagers are just adult minds who haven't finished developing physically and can't drink according to the law. Help them flourish, don't drag them down.

That is all. You might change your opinion if your child was to commit suicide because of online bullying you could of prevented escalating had you of known. My parents go through my texts all the time and when they do they say "I bought it so I have a right to look at whatever I want" i feel so violated and small because they make it seem like there is nothing I can do and I can't be myself when I'm on the phone. I am so sorry that you feel like you have to be a different person around your parents then your true self.

Wonder where you get the pressure to not be yourself all the time. I just want to cut them out of my lives completely because I can't see myself living a happy life with them in it.

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I'm not some kind of wild animal that needs to be caged, I'm nearly an adult who deals with 10 times more stress than adults do. They expect me to act like an adult and have the temperament of an adult but they treat me like I don't deserve to have a voice of my own and any privacy at all. Wow your parents are strict. Hi everyone. Furthermore, the only phone numbers I can call are my parents. Our TV has a code on it that only my parents know.

Here is the device use agreement: I will not use my devices for unintended use. I will not attempt to bypass any restrictions put in place by my parents. I will not attempt to bypass the administrator password. I will not hide any passwords from my parents. I will not give out any form of personal information online. I will not download apps that my parents have not approved. I will not use devices during non-designated screen time. I will not use my devices in school unless given permission by an educator.

I will not use apps with disappearing messages Snapchat. I will not bring devices on the second floor. I will not use devices during meals. I will not circumvent Ask To Buy on all devices. I understand that my parents reserve the right to take my devices away if they suspect they are being mis-used. I understand that my parents reserve the right to monitor my device activity. I understand that restrictions are in place to protect me. I understand that all of my devices belong to my parents, not me. Pretty tough. Reply for questions and possible solutions.

Your grades sound awesome However, unless you intend to break the rules they specified in the agreement it all sounds fair and reasonable. As a parent of a 14 year old I also raised two daughters who are now adults , I would think twice about giving an internet connected device to a son or daughter who objected to any of those terms. If you are concerned about any of the terms, ask your parents respectfully if they can take time to discuss and explain their intent to you, but stay calm so they are willing to listen to your views as well Be thankful they care and are looking out for you!

I disagree. As a high schooler, we need way more than 1 hour of internet time. For me tv control was never a huge problem because I only watch tv on weekends but I think the parents need to have a little more understanding and insight on how she feels. I recently found out that my dad is monitoring my computer. He was telling me to do my homework, and while I was logging in to studentvue, I tried to explain to him that I didn't have any homework. It felt like a personal attack on me and my interests. This person did god knows what to my computer, and didn't even bother telling me?!??

He didn't even tell me that he was basically putting a camera in my diary!! Oh, but it's fine. I mean Honestly, whatever they find next, be it my cousin talking to me about her self-harming friends in Maine or my coming-out practice, they have brought it upon themselves. All I want to do at this point is put a camera on them. My parents recently put time restrictions on all my apps, they have access to all my social media and they read my texts.

Honestly its terrible. I figured out how to take the restrictions off but I got caught and I'm grounded for awhile. When you don't give your kids freedom most likely they're gonna go behind your back and do something. I don't even feel comfortable texting, snapping or DMing my friends because I know my parents will read it.

I don't say bad things, I don't send nudes but my parents knowing about my crush or the girl drama makes me very uncomfortable. I think you should give your children talks about these things and check it in the beginning but unless you want your kids to rebel and sneak things don't be a helicopter parent like mine. I find parental controls frustrating and annoying. It really feels like your parents don't trust you to be responsible. Plus, a lot of people keep personal information that they don't want to be seen on their phones. Personally, I have a location tracking and a text, phone, and web monitoring app on my phone, as well as plenty of monitoring on my computer.

They really feel intrusive and it feels like my parents won't trust me. Plus, most kids these days know a lot about tech. They could easily disable these. Sometimes, it's a trial and error, too. When I don't want my location tracked, I can get around that, easy as pie. At first, I turned my location permissions off, but I figured out it sends my parents a notification. So I go into settings, and force stop the app. It just keeps my last logged location as my current location. It's perfect for sneaking out without a loud notification going off. As for the monitoring apps, my mom uses the same password on it as every other account she has - she even told me to help set it up.

If I want to get around barriers, boom. Log in to the admin account, turn them off. The more restrictions you have on your child, the more they'll want to rebel. Take my own example, I'm not allowed to go anywhere without holding my parents' hand AND having the locator on me. That's the reason I sneak out. There's not anything to do in my neighborhood, just walk in the middle of the street feeling like a free man.

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  • Restrictions are useless in the modern day, and all they do is make other kids feel sorry for your kid because they can't do anything. For me, it also generates a lot of jealousy, seeing my peers and even younger people being able to do whatever they want, and it saddens you and it seems like your parents really don't care about you. I feel like there would be a lot more trust between my parents and I if they would stop trying to intrude on me and instead let me have a productive conversation with them.

    Teens will keep secrets from their parents, and the more you try to stop it the worse it gets. It's like your parents reading your diary when you were a child. It's absolutely devastating for the kids, and you discover a lot of things you wish you hadn't known; plus, there's a loss of trust from both parties So really, it's a lose-lose-lose.

    You shouldn't keep a constant eye on your children without a reason, or they'll just start doing things behind your back. If your teen wants to do something, they'll find a way. Of course, I'm not here to rule over your parenting, just giving you insight from a teen. I feel like ever since my parents put restrictions on me, I've acted out more and more. When I get a little morsel of freedom, I tend to feel happier, be more focused, and behave way better. Not only that, my mood and behavior improves so much.

    It's not because I'm doing it on purpose. That's just how being a teen works. Having parental controls on my phone myself, I find it frustrating. I really feel like my mom doesn't trust me to do simple things like time management, managing what websites to be on, how to be safe on the internet, and etc. I know there are some times that I can go a bit overboard on my phone, but most of the time I have it managed.

    Though my parents don't check up on my phone, they do have a paranoia with the internet so I do get little time on other devices such as a computer. My grades have still been the same average that they normally are, even with the app. I feel like it depends how responsible, mature, and old your kids are to have an app on their phone that controls it. If they're mature, have good grades, know how to manage time, and know how to still do other things off of their phone, then in my opinion there really is no need for an app.

    I do feel frustrated that my parents don't trust me or I think they don't , that I have become a little more resentful of their choices. The app says if done correctly it might build trust between the child and parent, but for me so far, that has been a complete lie.

    I honestly do not want to have it, I feel like my choices are being controlled, I'm scared to get on my phone in case I get in trouble, I feel distrusted, and nothing has mended between my parents and I. Think carefully before you but a restricting app on your child's phone. Is it really the best for them and your relationship with them?

    Sometimes my dad will check my phone and i'm percent okay with that - parents should check their children's phone anyway but it's the silly restricted stuff that i hate. Use that. If your kid is super mature, good grades, good friends - do they need the controls? Maybe your kid might bend the truth and deceive you but its your job to build the best relationship with them so they wont feel barred to tell you the truth and so they can come to you for anything.

    To conclude, i didnt make this so i could stop children from getting parental controls and the protection they need but i'm just trying to give parents out there an eye opener from an actual 13 year old. I can look into my finance, phone without touching it. He has a finger print lock on it. And as a messnger, I need to see who he his talk with. And a Facebook page too. How can I block all apps on my kids phone like facebook and google youtube. Remember they have an opinion too. Also google is a basic need that they would definitely need for school so I wouldn't advise you to block that.

    I doubt anyone uses Facebook anymore so I don't really think they would care if you blocked that. YouTube they will probably use for school too, but make an agreement and check in on them about it. On weekends, we can watch tv but in limited amount. Your child will probably roll their eyes at first but they will come around because, as hard as it is for parents to believe, you're child genuinely loves you and wants to spend time with you.

    A lot of kids seek connections with others on their phones or online because they don't feel that connection with their parents. Make sure to give them a few months to adjust, while checking in. If that doesn't work then it would make sense to moniter their activity, not block, because not using them is a choice they need to make on their own.

    You making that decision for your child will impact them worse. Tell them you're going to start tracking their activity but also let them have the ability to track you so it's a mutual relationship of trust.

    lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/messages/485-the-best.php They will stop using those apps during the week and maybe it might bring you together in the long run. There should be something in the settings for Facebook. However, depending on the type of phone you're using, you might not be able to get rid of Google, and you can get to YouTube through Google. These things are not inherently bad, however. We check our teens phone, because teenagers have a habit of bending the truth.

    Supposed to be at the park, but is actually on the other side of the town. Supposed to be at baseball, but that ended two hours ago and he went somewhere else without asking. We use the iphone's restrictions and find-my-phone. As one adamant boy has repeatedly pointed out, you can work around that. But if any time the phone cannot be found, the phone or the PS4 is revoked. Very little is worth losing the iphone or PS4. So you don't have to 'cover every possible loophole'. The iphone is pretty solid. It can't be bypassed very easily, and if they manage to factory reset it, they meet the iphone lock.

    Then you get set the phone up again the exact same way. I don't understand how some parents get "locked out" of their childs phone. Should that occur, we'd take it and hand back the LG cosmos. Nobody wants that. If you're child is sneaking out and acting inappropriately then I completely understand why you added the restrictions.

    I'm glad you guys chose to implement these restrictions for a good, genuine reason. I have a mixed opinion about the situation. I have a friend that gets her phone monitored. Every single text message, every single app, game; every single thing she does. Including Snapchat, she has to save everything she sends to people until her mom checks it.

    As a child ages, monitoring should become less often and monitoring less things your child does.