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Do you have Mobile Tracker app installed. Its an APP.

Who or what is the message from. Mobile Tracker Engine is part of Samsung Firmware.

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  6. Hey, I have a notification with white triangle and exclamation mark in middle, in black and white colour. There is an uninstall button on the notification.

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    I've had my note3 since , and I've not had this notification before. I have not installed any tracker. Phone is unrooted. Some forums say that 'mobile tracker' is a default part of samsung phone software so it comes with the phone.

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    Find My Mobile | Apps - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

    But if that's the case, why am I getting this notification? AND why am I only getting it now, and never before. Hi, She does not have the app installed that I am aware off however she does have a samsung phone. She has had her phone for well over two years and this is the first time it's shown up. It doesn't say who its from. Thanks for your reply. Scan your devices using a trusted anti-malware like malwarebytes, eset If nothing found after scan, it's most likely a false positive from google security alert.

    I got Malwarebytes to scan, it found nothing wrong. I noticed the 'deep scan' in Malwarebytes was either greyed out or had a tick and was greyed out after doing the first update.

    Samsung Galaxy S9: How to Track and Locate Missing Device (Find My Mobile)

    It did say something about some options cannot be unticked, was that maybe one of them, it deep scans no matter what? Took 15mins for the scan if that sounds like a deep scan. But it is listed under 'all' in application manager. With eset, it wanted an email for registration etc but I went cancel and then it worked.

    Spy on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Spymaster Pro!

    Did an indepth scan, found nothing only took 2mins. I enabled detect potentially unsafe applications, and potentially unwated applications was on by default. I did not do the 'eset livegrid'. Location Of - Samsung Galaxy Note Log in. View a Demo Map. After adding a Samsung Account, the Remote Controls will automatically be activated. To verify Follow these Steps:.

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    Select Location and Security. Check the Settings of Remote Controls. Select Your Device, if you have more than one device. Click Locate my Mobile to Track your Mobile. Click Start Tracking to track route of Mobile. Select Your device, if you have more than one.

    Type Messages to display on your mobile. Enter One Number to Allow calls. Log in to Samsung Account, select your device. Click Stop to Stop your Mobile. After Log in and Selecting your device. After logging in, select your device if you have more than one. This Tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy S2. I forgot my Samsung login account and I cannot track my phone.

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