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Attackers were able to slip the Android app directly into Google Play, but they either couldn't get it into Apple's App Store or didn't try. This approach has become increasingly common as a way for attackers to spread iOS malware, and it has also come up in controversies over how companies like Facebook and Google distribute consumer-testing and feedback apps.

Once installed, Exodus could access photos, videos, device IDs, audio recordings, and contacts on target devices, while also potentially tracking a victim's location and listening to their conversations through the iPhone or iPad's microphone. Both the Android and iOS versions of Exodus have now been blocked.

How to Detect and Remove Spyware on iPhone

Apple declined to comment. But finding an actor like this is actually relatively rare. The Lookout researchers say that developers seem to have been working on and releasing Android versions of Exodus for the past five years. On Android, the spyware works in three phases to gain deep access to victims' devices, first establishing a foothold, then installing a larger payload that sets up the surveillance capabilities, and then exploiting a vulnerability to gain root device access.


The Android malware led the researchers to the phishing sites used to direct victims to the apps, which in turn led to the iOS app. The iOS version, which seems to have emerged more recently, does not rely on exploits to establish pervasive device access, instead counting on users to unintentionally give permission for the app to run its surveillance tools. For example, the command and control infrastructure was closely monitored and guarded—a precaution many malware makers forget.

In analyzing this framework, the researchers say they found indications that Exodus may have been developed by the Italian video surveillance software company eSurv and a company it acquired in known as Connexxa.

here By The Associated Press Researchers say cyberspies exploited security vulnerabilities to plant spyware on Apple iPhones when users merely visited a small group of malware-infected websites. More in Technology.

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Jailbreaking an iPhone involves removing all restrictions, which means it also allows 3 rd party application access. This is a complete removal technique.

iPhone virus is a term used to describe malware that affects iPhone devices

Doing a factory reset on the phone ensures that all the data is completely removed. The phone will revert to the original settings that it had when you first purchased it. You can retrieve the information after your factory reset is completed.

We should point out that while following the steps above will ensure the spyware is rendered null and your phone is no longer at risk of being monitored, some remnants of the spyware may still linger on your device. This is because some parts of the spyware become backed-up when you choose to back up your device on your computer or in the cloud.

If you choose to restore your backup, you will also be choosing to restore the parts of the spy app that were backed up; although, they may no longer be functional. If you re-scan your device after completing these steps, your phone may still get flagged as these remnants would be picked up by the application. About BetterDefend Jobs Contact.